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Hey guys - just to let you know, I'll be heading off to Japan for a month or so, and thus commissions will be put on hold until I get back. If anyone wants to cancel their order, just send me a note -3- if not, I'll be messaging you guys when it's your turn to make sure you still want it.

So yeah that's about all 8D...May make a Japan report when I get back, who knows :P


1. Little-Noko 1 x half body cg |1 x Chibi Done !
2. JessKeane x chibi Done !
3. viralremix 3 x halfbody cg|  Done!
4. Daydreamings 1 x halfbody cg | Done!
5. makkei x fullbody cg |STATUS: sketch 100%, pending edits and approval. 


commission prices can be found here:

COMMISSIONS:bulletblue: paypal only
:bulletblue: You must have a ref of your character.
:bulletblue: You must be patient
:bulletblue: Don't ask 'can I have a commission?' Just order straight away :)
:bulletblue: I can design clothes for you, however I'd strongly prefer you give me a very clear guide.

Please note me this form:
Base: [CG/Sketch/Chibi]
Size: [Full/Waist/Head]
Number of characters: [1-3]
Extra toppings: [Background/Animals/Outfits]
Expression/pose/details to include:

example soft: example cell:
Please specify whether you would like digital or pencil. If you don't, I will automatically draw digital.
Fullbody ● AUS$15
Waist up ● AUS$10
Headshot ● AUS$5
      +BG ● AUS$10
      +Extra Full body ● AUS$12
      +Extra waist up ● AUS$7

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Jason9811 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kuru! Gonna stalk your page for a second! How's your New Years been so far? Hope you had a good Christmas! LOL I'm so sorry I haven't kept in touch with you much ;-; (hey that rhymes! :D) *hugs*
Kururu-Pon Featured By Owner 5 days ago
lawl it's been fine I guess? not overly productive but ehhh 8D...Xmas was mediocre as it always is :P it's quite boring down under with not much to do hahaha. And it's just hot and humid and mostly uncomfortable so T_T

that's fine :P I've hardly been active here or anywhere else for that matter XDDDD~ how about you?
Jason9811 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I like to keep in touch with my friends even though I have you on my Steam xD. I'm doing well, Christmas was meh on the weather side. All we got was rain in Canada instead of snow which sucked so much xD. New Years is like every year so meh to that, well other than it being super cold and snowing! OF COURSE IT WOULD AFTER CHRISTMAS ;-;. 

Other than that this month has been solid xD, I try and keep checking on here to see what my favourite artists are doing! Oh say, if you ever get a chance you should come play with me over on Final Fantasy XIV :D. It'd be cool to see you there! :3
Kururu-Pon Featured By Owner 4 days ago
aww that's a shame T_T it's my dream to experience a white christmas one day T_T so much so I'm contemplating a trip to canada/ny for xmas this year XD

-pets- baw...I would except I don't play FF lmao XD not since 10-2 -snort- 
(1 Reply)
Darkspysrival Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Happy Birthday!! Have your cake and eat it tooParty
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